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I LOVED the excitement as a teen which came when I toilet papered a friends yard! This thrill was my drug to drown out the fears and anxieties of my youthful insecurities.

Thirty years later, I am a “reforming” adrenalin junkie not because I don’t still love the superhuman effects of it but because I’ve experienced firsthand and observed in my patients, the results of daily high doses of this drug.

Sugar cravings, tight shoulders, hair falling out, insulin resistance, thyroid issues, even heart disease and cancer – all have the common “hometown” of stress-induced adrenalin and cortisol produced body dysfunction.

I am reforming – really I am. I usually drive the speed limit, hug my kids and husband daily, exercise most days, read holy scriptures and love eating vegetables. But still, I take on too much, work to make EVERYONE happy and struggle to fit in my own self-care.

The alluring thrill and numbing affect of adrenalin beckons me still, to try and be a superwoman – because that is the ONLY way to do all the noble, fun, children supportive, family vacations, service giving, socializing and sensory teasing activities of this high speed, high tech and non-stop modern world.

There is a price that must be paid when mere mortals act in the superhuman role. We unknowingly sacrifice good health and peace of mind for the momentary awesomeness of juggling the millions of modern day thrills, wants and needs.

Our human fix for this “price we pay” often make us even worse. (Ie: Pills, caffeine, no time for sleep or exercise)

For, you surely must see, the bad guy in our personal superhero movie isn’t “out there” but it’s “in here” – it’s us.

The kryptonite that derails our health is the choice we all have of constantly keeping busy. This kryptonite-induced buzz creates a NUMBNESS to the quiet promptings your body always sends you to care for your human needs.

Heeding these innate promptings will help you continue producing those “golden eggs” and will put you in touch with living more divine, superhuman and God-like than just about anything you can do.