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I just read that 60% of pain prescription users say they got these drugs from friends or relatives.  

Here’s what this means: They are not under a doctor’s care, they may not take it correctly for their issue, and they are self-prescribing.  AND, here’s what this REALLY means: they have no idea about how to be healthy. 

Most drugs- over the counter or prescriptions, are self-prescribed.  If we all knew how the body worked and had daily doses of continual learning about how it works- this might be okay once in a while.  The biggest problem is that people don’t know how to get healthy and they want pain-relief or solutions to their problems QUICK!

They really think a pill is the solution.  I’ve always said that the worst thing about medicine is that is works.  No wonder some doctors and people laugh when you tell them you’re going the holistic route!  Drugs work better on pain.  Drugs work faster to normalize blood.  Drugs are quick.  

Health takes a lifetime, so quick is non-healthy.  This is worth repeating and has long lasting effects and affects your next hour’s actions probably so I’m saying it again.  QUICK fixes are UNHEALTHY.  Period.

Health is more than a blood value, a thyroid level, eating broccoli or running a marathon.  Health may include all those things but it can’t be defined by them alone.  

The worst health problem we have is how we define health. For until we really look at it, understand it, talk about it on all the radio & T.V. shows and in schools and in doctor’s offices and churches and places people gather, well, we’ll still take the quick, sick route to health.  Image