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You can buy the Barbie- luscious bodacious bod at Walmart for about $10. But the cost of getting, keeping and creating a similar one in human form may be the most expensive thing you buy.

The cost of being thin and beautiful includes many things- healthy food, exercise, living an active lifestyle, flattering clothes, make-up, hair care, holistic healthcare when needed, etc.

Are you observing, like I am, that being thin is costing more these days? For example, walking outdoors is no longer enough- we need gym memberships and the latest workout DVD or website membership.

And there is more too- hair extensions, multiple toned hair, ear jewelry, nose & navel jewelry, botox, tummy tucks, face-lifts, cheek implants, boob jobs, spanx, shoes to go with every outfit, mineral make-up and the list drones on.

My concern is that the “beautiful and thin at any cost” attitude is costing us money and time that could and possibily should be, invested elsewhere. I believe the greatest cost of beauty is the opportunity cost of peace of mind.

For peace of mind eludes a life filled with a packed schedule, unending “wants” to fill available finances, never good enough thinking and an endless to do list. I know because that’s been my life.

The cost of getting more beautiful or covering up what I think isn’t beautiul is more than I’m NOW willing to pay. I’m still pursuing a healthy lifestyle and the natural beauty that accompanies it, but I’m stopping the pursuit of beauty.

And I’ve never felt more beautiful.