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If you think acid tripping only happens by drug overdose then get ready to take an enlightened health trip right now!

The journey begins by asking yourself this question: What has more intelligence – what’s out there or what’s in here, the body? Your answer will provide the fuel for what you do after reading this.

During my year of gross anatomy, we gratefully learned from the donated bodies of many homeless people. I recalled wondering if when these people had realized how truely amazing, perfectly designed and intricately synced their bodies were, could they have produced a different life?

Because everyone- you, your worst nemisis, the neighbor who kicks the dog, the person who lied to you- all contain immense applied wisdom within. Our living healthy depends on if we KNOW and apply this.

The body is an application of all the knowledge there is. Chemistry, geology, botany, sociology, spirituality, physics, econimics and engineering are all be evidenced in the human body.

Nothing comes close to the amazing body- not raw food, scientifically formulated pharmaceuticals, supplements (even the magic berry from ancient lands), healing cold laser, an amazing soft touch chiropractic adjustment, the ancient wisdom of acupuncture or a life saving surgery.

I’ve used them all and help people with most of these, but remind people as well, to access their inner wisdom for long lasting health and well being.

We search high and low for “it” and will pay any price for THE ONE THING that will put an end to our suffering. We jump from solution to possible solution, listening to one guru and then the next, to find that magic cure for our pains.

When the absolute worst thing, most acid producing, health robbing thing we can do can’t be fixed by anyone but us.

When we do ANYTHING in OVERDOSE we cause acidity in our body. This includes over eating, over exercising, over sleeping, over living (lack of sleep), over drinking, over worrying and anything else done in over abundance or in excess.

So, stop. Breath in and out. You are already enough. Unwanted symtoms are your amazing body’s way of telling you to stop.

Be who you were designed to be. Human.