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Everyone around you at the outdoor music concert did NOT get mosquito bites, but you sure did! Why you? Do vampire mosquito’s really do exist or is something making you a “mosquito magnet?”

Maybe mosquito larvae were hatched near a nuclear reactor which bred vampire mosquito – but probably not. It’s most logical that something within you is drawing those pesky bugs to your blood.

The sum total of your body chemistry is attracting them or put simply, you have “yummy blood!” Sugar in your blood makes it desirable to mosquito’s and is a sign you DON’T want to ignore.

Over consuming sugar puts a stress on your insulin production – because insulin deals with sugar in blood and takes it to different places to be used as energy. Low energy, fatigue and craving coffee often accompany being a mosquito magnet.

Remember also that there are only 3 food groups- fat, protein and carbs. Consuming too many is as bad ad having a sweet tooth because your body breaks them down the same and insulting is required.  Remember too, that alcohol is a carb too!

You may not show positive on a blood test for diabetes, but being a mosquito magnet is an even more sensitive sign you may need to reduce your carbs/sugar consumption.

Here are 3 main ways to become LESS of a magnet to mosquito’s:

Sweat! The more you sweat, your body’s metabolism can rid itself of excess sugar and other toxins and utilize nutrients for faster healing. Be sure to wash it off your skin as soon as possible- sweat is full of internal toxins and could promote acne or a rash.

Move more. Have you heard that sitting is the “new smoking?” People who sit 8 hours a day or more are more likely to be overweight, have diabetes or pre-diabetes, be constipated, have sciatica and back pain and have a heart attack.

Keep hydrated. This keeps you more physically active, dilutes your blood sugar concentration, helps you stay alkaline and revs up your metabolism.

When you do these three things, even if there were vampire mosquito’s, you would be less attractive to them.

Remember, when your body works right, you life works!brucecb