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Medicine causes health problems, even when it’s taken for potentially life threatening conditions like high blood pressure, according to JAMA Internal Medicine August 5, 2013 article.  Channel blockers, give to lower blood pressure, increase the risk of breast cancer!


I talk to so many people who don’t want to take medications, but “don’t know what else to do.” This article is devoted to that very dilemma.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised that the solutions are also fun, life expanding and good for your soul!

The first solution is that you MUST be convinced a little pill ISN’T the solution. This article will start you off on the right path.  Realize that your body’s natural response to stress is to raise blood pressure.  The ONLY solution is to lower stressful situations in your life or my famous words- “Choose your stress.”

My second solution is to INCREASE your BODY’S ABILITY to handle stress.  We do this by increasing our self-care of the body– sleep those 8 hours, take daily walks, smile, eat whole foods, breath deeply and often then do muscle moving things like push ups, sit ups or lifting weights.  A conditioned body handles stress better.

Relaxing in jacuzziThe third solution is to SAVOR LIFE.  Read that fiction book you’ve wanted to, look at inspiring pictures, watch movies that bring a tear to your eye, create that wreath or quilt or dish you’ve wanted to do, be in your garden, soak in the tub, paint a picture, watch old movies, get adjusted & aligned, get a massage, listen to wonderful music or go out to dinner with friends are just a few things for you to consider doing to savor life.

These things help you love your life and give you confidence that you do have a good life. They also fill us with hope and joy and love and give us the reserve needed to handle some of the unpleasant but necessary “stressors” of life.

woman_poolThe fourth solution is to go out in nature.  We are inside too much.  The air is better outside, the energy encompassed in living trees and leaves and grass give us energy and we tend to move our bodies more outside.  Its hard to sit outside in one place as long as we do inside while in front of computer, TV, phone, etc.

Nature is healing and beautiful.  Nature and man need each other.  A simple walk in the rain, sun or snow fills the body and soul with so much more “high blood pressure prevention” than any pill possible could.

1828598-a-young-female-face-under-the-sun-with-eyes-closedThe fifth solution is to pay attention to your soul.  The soul has many different names and cannot be seen so it is often overlooked in traditional “healthcare.” If it’s true that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, mind controls matter and that stress is not outward but is our interpretation of experiences then we CANNOT IGNORE this.

Loving others, serving others, reading inspiring books including the bible or other spiritual books, praying, meditating, deep reflective thinking, laughing, holding hands and hugging are a few of my favorites that improve the health of the soul.

These can expand your vision, deep your understanding and grow your joy.  These are good medicine.

Remember my friends, When Your Body Works, Your Life Works!