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If you don’t want to catch a cold, don’t carry the mitt that catches colds.

Adron ChambersWe all live in a sea of bugs, viruses and bacteria.  The people who never get sick are those who created habits that strengthen their defense against them.  In the words of Linus Pauling, called the Einstein of chemistry who won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 1954 and the Nobel Peace Prize for 1962, “IT’S ALL IN THE BIO-TERRAIN.”

Bio means body and terrain is the sum total of the internal body chemistry which includes how strong your internal immune system is.  Your “mitt” can be compared to the bio-terrain or your body’s immune system.  The stronger your bio-terrain, the less you’ll “catch” bugs, viruses and bacteria that cause sickness.

Here are the ten habits of people that never get sick — and how they strengthen their “mitt,” bio-terrain, or immune system.

11350332_xl1.  Keep hydrated with drinking at least 50 ounces of water a day.  Most people require more water than that, but many people drink less than 20 ounces per day.  Keep in mind that coffee, black or green tea, soda and juice do NOT count toward your total water consumption.  Because our bodies are at least 80% water, our “internal ocean” must be kept cycling in good, clean water.

get-a-good-sleep2. They sleep at least 7 hours on a regular basis and often get between 8 and 9 hours a night on several nights a week.  Without good sleep, a healthy immune system will remain elusive, even if you eat well and exercise.  When you eat well and exercise however, your ability to sleep deeply and your desire to sleep improves.

Jardine Nutrition and Weight loss3. They limit sugar foods to rare occasions.  When one of pediatrician, Dr. Jim Sears’ kids asks for a soda or other sweet treat, he sometimes asks them a question: “Is this a good time to be suppressing your immune system?”  Dr Sears is a co-host of the TV show “The Doctors” and believes that sugar immediately suppresses the immune system and makes you more vulnerable to infections.

11039529_xxl4. They know how to de-stress.  Although stress is difficult to define exactly, most researchers agree that its our reaction that defines stress.  Learning life lessons from any situation we encounter is key in lessening the effects of stress on our immune system.  Dr. Andrew Weil states that breathing exercises act as a natural tranquilizer for the nervous system and increase in effectiveness with repetition and practice.

healthycouple5. They know how to control their emotions.  They limit the amount of negative emotions they allow themselves to feel and they create situations that cause them to feel positive emotions.  The Institute of HeartMath run by Dr Rollin McCraty and his research team have researched emotions role on the immune system over the past 25 years.  They believe that emotions are more important to a strong immunity than even the food we consume.

“Your emotions affect every cell in your body. Mind and body, mental and physical, are intertwined.”  Dr. Thomas Tutko, Father of Sports Psychology

6. They limit exposure to environmental toxins, noises and electromagnetic Pollution.  They stop smoking and limit second hand smoke.  They drink alcohol in moderation or not at all.  They use pharmaceuticals, over the counter medications and chemical products of any kind (hair products, cleaning chemicals, etc) SPARINGLY.  These are toxins that inhibit the immune system.

HealthyCouple (1)7. They nurture relationships and friendships.  Countless studies show that having a good social network is important to your physical health as well as your mental health – and specifically your immune system.  Several studies support the idea that people who feel connected to friends have stronger immunity than those who feel alone and enjoy better overall health and longevity than loners do.  Intimate, sexual relationships also have immune system perks, according to the author of Great Sex after 40, Michael Castleman.

EF20878. They walk a lot and complete exercise that stimulates muscle growth.  Muscle mass slows the aging process and builds the immune system.  Exercise has been called the missing nutrient.  

Couple having dinner outdoors.9.  They maintain a healthy BMI- below 25 for most people.  They make eating and nutrition habits consciously.  Good nutrition can be summarized into two letters; pH. Your body’s pH (potential for hydrogen, but I like to think of it as POTENTIAL FOR HEALTH) can be maintained by eating live food, and chewing food until its liquid before swallowing.

Chewing food is the only way to make the good food you eat into the micro-nutrients that your body recognizes and can absorb.  Even good food improperly absorb can lead to ill-health. 

healthy-relationship10. They take nutritional supplements sparingly.  Nutritional supplements alone can not make you healthy, but a few carefully selected ones can fill in the gaps where depleted soil, incomplete digestion and imperfectly balanced meals leave holes.  My foundational five supplements that I rotate through are Cod Oil (omega 3), probiotics, enzymes, minerals, and a green powder I add to water or smoothies.

If you “catch a cold” each year, you may want to start adapting a few of these habits into your lifestyle today.  The strength of your bio terrain/immune system IS the symptom of good health.

Remember, When Your Body Works, Your Life Works!

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