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junk-foodFood can dull the pain of life– for a while, just like drugs.  Food makes us what we are- physically and emotionally, but some food is more chemical than natural and is not good for us.

For my first thirty years, I was a junkie for junk food because I ate food high in calories and low in nutrients with lots of synthetic chemicals. I felt terrible, but blamed my husband and family.  I looked terrible but blamed my kids. I had lupus, abnormal breast tissue and bi-polar but blamed my genes.

Then, I went to a natural doctor (who I discovered later was a Chiropractor and Oriental Medicine doctor) who taught me step by step, that I could control my health, my emotions and even as low as I was, I COULD control my reactions to life. Now, 16 years later, I don’t have perfect health, but take no medications, love my life most days and help people just like I was helped! 

6a00d83451f44f69e200e54f3769478833-800wi (1)Exactly what is “Junk food?” It is anything that has added color, flavor and nutrients (enriched).

They have been stripped of all those and their purpose is to have a long shelf life so the producers can make a profit off them.

Here is a list of the worst junk food you can eat: soda’s (including diet soda), white flour foods (including pasta’s), candy, and anything in a box.

Here are four main reasons why some of you still buy it, although you already know junk food is bad for you:

1- They think junk food is cheaper to buy.

2- They’re use to the taste and enjoy it more than natural food.

3- They’re addicted to it and don’t want to stop.

4- It’s easy to get and is quick to eat.

Consider these solutions to each reason if you related to the above answers.

Vibrant Produce1- Healthy food really is less expensive. A bag of chips at the dollar store costs about $2, where as two mango’s cost $2. Which one do you buy?

At first glance, the bag of chips looks like more food, but if you were to eat that whole bag, you may still be hungry because it was empty calories and you’ll need to buy more food.  If you ate the two mango’s, you’d be more satisfied because they contain nutrients that are easily broken down by the body as energy.  You’d most likely be satisfied and not need any more food.

Additionally, eating junk food creates havoc on your health (obesity, vitamin deficienceies, heart disease and more) and you’ll end up spending more money on medical bills and devote more time fixing the bad results of eating the cheap junk food.

junk-food-junky2- If you’ve been eating high sugar and carbohydrate foods, your taste buds have been distorted.  You won’t like vegetables and some fruits.  They’ll taste bland or gushy and bad.  Start by eating the vegetables first at dinner, when you’re the most hungry and your taste buds will gradually return to normal.  No one like broccoli after a bowl of pasta or rice!

3- Bad food makes you feel bad.  Let’s say you’ve heard that junk food is bad for you and you get that it’s costly in the long run, but you still really like that soda, crackers, bread or candy!  Because these are harmful to your body, they’ll make you feel bad.  The question is, are you listening and do you relate that feeling to the junk food?  

When I look at my past favorite of “hot tamale cinnamon candy” – I think how tired, and sluggish and slow in my brain I felt after eating it and the craving quickly leaves. 

running4women-launch-r4w-virtualrun-race-series-id1011_header4- Eating healthy takes less time, in the long run. Junk food is bagged and ready to go at every convenience store and fast food drive through’s assist us with dinners prepared in 10 minutes or less. They pack on the weight fast too!

Think of that next time you don’t think you’ve got time to eat something good.  It takes about 20 minutes to burn 100 calories if you talk a walk, so that extra 500 calories just cost you an hour and 40 minutes of time to burn the extra weight!

Good nutritious food can be just as quick but they do require some planning on your part.  Consider preparing a salad or carrots or extra chicken pieces on the weekend in preparation for the quick lunch grab as you leave in the morning.

In case you need a little more convincing, these bad affects of bad food may encourage you to take that baby step today, toward eating more nutritiously.

lost_weight1. Bad face day.  Sugar and trans fats and starches cause you to get inflamed and produce glycation which causes wrinkles and deactivates antioxidants which are anti-aging.

2. Tight clothes: Sodium and chemicals in the junk food cause bloating, obesity and flatulance! (embarrassing 3 ways)  Buying a new “Fat wardrobe” is not cheap.  And the emotional tole of buying a size up is devestating to your self-confidence!

3. Constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.  White bread, white rice, and other “white” foods have no enzymes to break that “fake food” down so they get stuck in your colon and the belly begins to get bigger and bigger with all that “fecal material or poop” stuck in your colon!

4. Crazy hormones: Sugar and white foods cause insulin to spike then d

11039529_xxlrop- and your emotions follow that pattern- depression then anxiety over and over again. Caffeine drinks cause the roller coaster emotions too.  These things also lessen libido as a result of hormone imbalances. There is no bio-identical hormone that can counter the effects of eating junk food.

Researchers at Harvard University expect that by the year 2050, 42% of all citizens will be obese.   Fast food junkies gain at least 6 extra pounds of weight each year and with that comes heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  This is a health problem. 

If you need more help than just reading this, give us or a trusted natural healthcare doctor a call.  Addictions come in all forms but will lead to so many problems down the road.

Remember, When Your Body Works, Your Life Works!

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Researchers at Penn State University have found that poor eating habits can actually worsen a person’s mood, especially among women who are concerned about how they eat, according to PsychCentral.com.