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images (1)Certain foods seem to “suck” beauty, vitality and energy out!  They cause skin spots and wrinkles, bloating, obesity and your graying hair to fall out. Staying away from these foods will add to your beauty and give a great side effect- vitality!

When you feel exhausted, you don’t feel beautiful.  This vitality and this type of beauty is essential to a happy, healthy life.  This means that when you’re sluggish on the inside, you’ll feel “ugly” and look “less than stellar!”

imagesBeauty has a cost!  It is more than just the price of wrinkle potion, age spot serum or color treatments for gray hair. Obtaining a permanent “beautiful, vitality appearance”only comes from putting food with high energy into your body and learning then doing what’s needed to have great intrinsic healthy function.

These 7 foods must be avoided, because they make you ugly, steal your vitality and clog up your body function:

1. Trans fats: These are plastic-like and have no nutritional value.  There main purpose was to make grocery store food last longer so they could sell more.  These fats cause heart disease and high cholesterol as well as rob hair, skin and nails of a glow and luster.

INSTEAD: Eat fish, avocado, coconut oil, cheese, Omega 3 oil supplement and eat olives.

download (1)2. Candy: Sugar makes you fat!  When we gorge ourselves on this then we don’t have a desire to eat real food with nutrients.  Eating sugar affects every chemical reaction in your body!  Hormones, heart, breathing, immunity, metabolism, bones and causes saggy, wrinkled skin too! 

INSTEAD: Snack on coconut flakes from Whole Foods, Fruits, small pieces of cheese and make sure each meal you eat is balanced.  If you don’t chew your food enough, you’ll crave something sweet right after a meal- so chew all food until it’s liquid. 

too-much-salt-images3. Salt: When salt is added to food, it makes us eat more because it’s so tasty! Our daily salt requirements are only about 1 teaspoon.  When you eat restaurant made food, canned and packaged food, as well as breads, crackers and cereals… you overdose on salt FAST!  Puffy, tired eyes, thin skin, hair loss and constant fatigue come with consuming too much salt.   

INSTEAD:  Don’t add extra salt to food, cook meals from scratch and read labels when you do eat from a package.

scotch-yum4. Alcohol: Having a drink now and then isn’t hurtful to your beauty and health IF your total weekly alcohol consumption is less than 16 ounces or 2 cups.  Alcohol clogs the liver and kidney which stops nutrients from getting through even when you eat good, healthy food.   This results in a “hardened” face, red patches on skin, bloodshot eyes, weight gain and bloating and super dry skin prone to wrinkling and age spots.

INSTEAD:  Enjoy a drink or two on weekends, but limit binge drinking and heavy partying.  Consider things you can “do” with friends that don’t involve alcohol when wanting to relax or hang out or have fun.  (ie: hike, bike, racquetball, rock climbing wall, etc. )

whitebread15. Carbohydrates: Carbs provide energy, but we usually go way overboard on the carbs! The healthiest diet ratio of these food components is 40% carbs, 30% proteins and 30% fats.  When you load up with fruits and vegetables (carbs), there is no room for “beige” or “white” flour products like rice, breads, crackers or pasta! Eating these products produce a quick high followed by hours of low emotions and sluggishness, as well as bloated tummy and grumpy mood.

INSTEAD: Reach for wholesome carbs like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains which are minimally processed.

download (2)6. Coffee: Coffee can stain your teeth, creates BAD BREATH, overworks your heart and shuts off your brain.  Coffee makes you dehydrated and this creates tight muscles, pale skin, crabbiness,  bone erosion (osteoporosis), infertility and headaches. Even if you have a morning cup of coffee, it can cause insomnia because it slows kidney function which helps regulate sleep. 

INSTEAD:  Slowly wean yourself off coffee, as you probably won’t like the withdrawl symptoms of headache and depression.  A couple cups a month won’t hurt you, but daily doses will.  Get more sleep, take a 45 minute walk, drink herb tea or flavored water to boost your natural energy!

7. Store bought Milk: Dairy from a store has been heated and has no enzymes to help you break it down and digest it. This results in gas, bloating and cramping.  One to two cups a day is about all we can safely digest in one day.

INSTEAD: Buy milk from a farm or eat small amounts of cheese.  Cheese has been fermented which makes it much easier to digest.

natural-beauty-face-md-2Healthy beauty can never come in a bottle!  It comes from staying away from these 7 food sources as well as paying close attention to “what, when and how” you eat, drink, move, sleep and breath.

If you’ve ever had any of these 7 foods… then you need to get a soft touch chiropractic adjustment to help boost your healthy function!

Remember, When Your Body Works, Your Life Works!

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