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Your body runs by a 24 hour cycle in which certain organs automatically turns on and off in two-hour intervals.   Knowing about this system will help you organize your daily activities to feel your best!

nrm1000_059a_i1The time most people are asleep, between 11pm and 5am, is when your gallbladder, liver and lungs are healing from the previous day’s activities. When you don’t sleep during this time, you may experience sluggishness or weakness in these three organs.

Did you realize that each of your organs control certain emotional and mental functions too?

brain-gearssmFor example, your gallbladder is the key organ in decision making. When it is surgically removed or clogged or functioning low, your decision making ability will be lessened.  Even without the gallbladder organ, the gallbladder “energy” is still still present, so when the gallbladder function is most high, during 11pm and 1am, rest is needed to help its highest function and healing. 

purple eyesYour Liver controls your eyes, nails and movement of energy and vitality.  If you have ridges on your nails or weak eyes, strengthening your liver function should be a crucial step.  The liver controls long-term planning and goal setting so tonifying your liver will also help you fine tune these mental processes. 

When the liver is weak or clogged, irritability and menstrual problems are the most common symptoms.  One of the first ways to help you liver is to make sure you’re asleep from 1am to 3am when it’s rejuvenating

heart-and-lungs-190x155If you have allergies, asthma or smoke, then your Lungs health should be a priority to you.  The mental function of the lungs is creating new thoughts and things and i supports the skin, hair and immune system.  Your lungs should be resting between 3am and 5am.

In Oriental healthcare, we recommend that you rise and rest with the sun as much as you can. This isn’t always possible, but is one lifestyle recommendation that increases natural healing and your vitality.  This also means during winter, you can sleep more and during summer months, you should be more active.

SunRiseStudies have shown that having less than six hours of sleep, or lack of restful sleep can negatively affect your health, especially of the gallbladder, liver and lungs.

Soft touch adjusting and no needle acupuncture treatments can help increase healing nerve and energy flow to those three organs which will assist you in restoring your natural circadian rhythm and natural health!

Remember, When Your Body Works, Your Life Works!