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You have an automatic timer (circadium rhythm) running in your body – right now!  You don’t have to be aware of it for its influence to be felt.  The more you know about this “auto-pilot” timer or clock of yours, the more empowerment you’ll experience with your health.

bodyclockguide (1)Your timer/clock runs on a 24 hour cycle and each of your organs has a “on” time in which it is most metabolically active.  This is when self healing takes place of that organ.  If you’re “living too large” during that time, the self-healing WON’T happen.

The most important self-healing and metabolically active organ in your body is the liver.  It aids in brain function, heart function, and the breakdown of every single nutrient your body needs.  The self-healing time for the liver is perfectly designed to be while you are sleeping, from 1am – 3am.

busy-womanIf you’re still up and going strong at that time, you’re messing with your “internal clock” and your ability to heal which means you’re cutting into your quality and quantity of life for a few hours of living.

Here are some signs you’re body is giving you that you need to pay attention to your “timing mechanism” and adjust your lifestyle:

1. Weight gain – You’ve mysteriously gained weight, its really tough to lose weight, or you can’t seem to gain weight.
Impaired thinking, ability to reason or memorize
3. You seem to have less control of your emotions:
rritability and moodiness
4. Change in blood pressure, up or down: Increased stress hormones in the body affects everyone differently, but a change will take place. 
Allergy symptoms or getting a cold or flu: Every season can be an allergy or cold/flu season because YOUR immunity control both of these unwanted states

images (3)To help lose weight, improve brain function, get happy, control blood pressure or strengthen your immune system, start by getting more and better sleep!  Here are a few tips to help you do that.

1. Limit late nights: Realize you may be a “night person” and do your best works at night, but your internal clock is still keep time and you can’t cheat it!  Consider limiting late nights  to get back in control of those unwanted and costly symptoms.

Stop Computer Keys Showing Denial Panic And Negativity2. Shut off lights: The biggest culprit of modern day light negatively impacting sleep is cell phones, iPad, computers, TV’s and alarm clocks.  Looking at them right up to the time you want to sleep WILL impact your Internal clock or circadian rhythm. Less light at night means increased production of your melatonin production and this internal chemical tells your body to sleep.

laser-back-pain3. Use natural healthcare to reset your internal clock: A soft touch chiropractic adjustment, acu-laser and specific supplements are a great way to get your body RESET. Reducing stress and taking a walk can also help with this. 

4. Avoid foods or drinks that “wake you up”alcohol, spicy foods, rich and greasy foods, caffeine, sugar and heavy meals.  These cause “Stomach fire” and are linked to you grinding your teeth at night and TMJ problems. 

5. Exercise for rest: In Oriental medicine, there is a connection energetically between the feet and the eyes. Insomnia can be caused by not moving your feet enough.  A evening walk helps this connection as well as getting a scalp rub or soaking your feet in warm water.

6. Tuck your “mind” in bed? While the body sleeps, the mind can still play, so its crucial you quiet your mind or “tuck it in bed” before you retire. Writing down the first thing you want to do upon waking or empyting your mind of its problems in a journal or writing a list of things you accomplished or are grateful for can help faster and more effectively than a sleeping pill.

I love this Chinese proverb: “A dull pencil is better than the sharpest mind.”

shutterstock_44424856-605x4037. STOP EATING about 3 hours before bed.  Your stomach’s “on” time of your internal clock is between 7am-9am.  This is when protein can be more easily digested.  The stomach’s “off” or resting time is between 7pm-9pm, so forcing it to digest during this time puts a strain on it and delays it healing and recuperating.

You may not have been aware of your body’s natural, built-in timing, but you can’t be fully functioning unless you live according to your circadian rhythm by doing things to support that rather than fight against it. Sleep is when you self-heal and rejuvenate so protecting that time daily will have big pay-off’s to your health. 

Remember, When Your Body Works, Your Life Works!

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