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After teaching a workshop on applying oriental medicine to the average american life – I concluded with this thought “Whatever helps chakra (energy) helps emotions.  Emotions = Energy.”
Knowing this leads to several things you can do today to improve your happy and joyful emotions and boost your energy as well!  I call these “EMOTOCISING!”
1. Crown Chakra Be GRATEFUL.  Gratitude is the highest emotion you can feel and opens your crown chakra.  When this chakra is open- all other chakra’s are more open.  The crown chakra is also your connection to spiritual things.  Think of the crown chakra like the energetic brain of the emotional body.
       mystical_fantasy_paintings_kb_wall_josephine-whispered_dreams 2. Third eye or brow chakra  DREAM with your eyes open. Spend time creating your “happy place” in your mind.  This brings on feelings of peace and healing and creation and GRATITUDE. Get clear on what you desire & want and use your 5 senses when you do this to make the dream more clear and more able to be acted upon.
3. Throat ChakraSING.  Singing is vibration and energy!  We each have a voice and must use it to be truely happy.  We have too many societal conditions that keep us down and not wanting to sing, speak our voice or think we can be heard.  Now, the second most important rule in this exercise is that you must be TRUTHFUL and KIND at the same time which takes some work!
4. Heart ChakraHUG. Connect your heart area with other people’s heart area by hugging!  We have invisible “heart strings” which tie us and physical touch strengthens those.  Doing push ups and swimming also open up your heart!
5. Solar Plexus Chakra JUMP. Jumping moves you physically and gets lymph circulating. You have more lymph than blood and lymph’s only way to flow is through motion.  And get this…. E- MOTION.  Healthy emotion comes from motion of the body!
happy-smile-charuhas-images6. Sacral ChakraBREATH. You are as entitled to the air as anyone else and yet we try to keep ourselves small and try to use up only what’s necessary to keep us alive, not thriving. BREATH is free and does SOOOOOO many chemical things in your body including: alkalinizing (CO2 is an acid and needs to be released by breathing), oxygenating (muscles get tight without oxygen), muscle building (without oxygen there is no good blood), and much more. Breath deeply. 
7. Root Chakra Exercises – WALK.  This keep us rooted and grounded and integrates brain to body to boost feelings of relaxation and peace.  They boost the function of the reproductive system and help you handle stress better.
My best natural remedy for depression?  Be grateful, dream, sing, hug, jump, breath and walk your way to a happier life.
Remember, when your body works, Your life works!  Be well.  Dr Carrie Jardine