His children gave eulogy and reflected on cherished moments they had with him. We all left the funeral planning on living bigger, happier and more connected lives.

292492_4296093368980_1611450541_nWe spent a week with extended family mourning the loss of my father in law and celebrating the good memories we had with him.  I didn’t do any office related work, but I sure had my reasons for pursuing health strengthened!



Consider the following four pivotal reasons to continue the path to live healthy:

309e41a466934674a816640a5bcf3dd31.  Your family and loved ones want to be with you.  If you’re not feeling well, depressed or just don’t have the stamina to do activities with your family then you’re really not with them.  Creating eating, exercise and strategies to deal with stress make you healthy and this helps you be active!  The more active you are, the happier you’ll be.  You’re family may be missing you right now- and you may have seen them this morning!

2. You can’t afford to be sick.  Treating disease is costly, painful and creates more health problems. When I suggest people get adjusted at least once a month, I’ve often heard that they can’t afford it.  What this really means is they don’t VALUE it. The more often you correct nerve damage (the goal of an adjustment), eat high energy food, exercise at your gym or outside … the LESS you’ll need to spend later fixing, sewing up, taking out and medicating yourself later on!  Health is always worth it.

Marrissa Edmonson serving Elaine Brett at KPP3.  Self-care is a must to prepare yourself to serve others.  In my church, I often hear people confusing self-care with being self-ish.  It is a fine line, but an important distinction for living a life of service.  When we don’t spend some morning hours preparing ourselves for the day, we won’t have the stamina, focus, desire or ability to serve others! My daily self-care routine includes physical exercise, reading holy writings, prayer and meditation and reflection on how I will accomplish the most important things today.  This prepares my body and mind to forget myself… and serve others.

lehi-vision-dream-mormon4.  Pursuing health is a spiritual path.  I believe getting healthy is caring for the greatest gift we have from God- our bodies.  When I care for my body, mind and soul… I am getting healthier.  Health is much, much more than just eating right and exercising and their is more to those two issues than most people realize.  Health must include the following things: sleeping, breathing, being grateful, setting goals, moving (exercise & just being more active), drinking enough water, eating high energy raw foods and learning something everyday you live!

Making the world a better place starts now.  By taking care of yourself, you can be happier and shine in the world.  The world needs you.  I need you.

Remember, when your body works, your life works!  Dr Carrie Jardine