Is soda sapping your stamina?


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May a RED BULL run me over and a MONSTER in my closet eat me while I sleep bottle_soda_Tbut DR PEPPER just can’t convince me that “energy for life” comes in a bottle or can.

Even though the total amount of soda pop sold in the U..S is equal to every American drinking 3 quarts per week, I’m holding out for a better way to endure a stress-filled day.

Almost every week a new soda/energy drink study warns of another health risk linked to soft drinks.  I know and see educated people still downing these things as if keeping their eyes open that day depended on just one more drink.

In fact, soda pop and alcoholic beverages have a lot in common.  Alcohol is often referred to as a hard drink where soda is called a soft drink. Additionally, many soda’s contain some alcohol.  In the US, soft drinks are allowed by law to contain up to 0.5% alcohol.  It’s no wonder that soda’s have been linked to kidney and liver damage, heart attacks, strokes, as well as elevated blood pressure.

sodaWhat could it be, in that can that causes such a stir among fans as well as foes of the “fizzy pop?”  

Is it the carbon dioxide (stuff we breath out) or the high fructose corn syrup (linked to obesity and high blood pressure) or the sugar substitutes (known neuro-toxins)  or it could be the caffeine (a stimulant) or phosphoric acid (bone de-mineralizer) or the other preservatives not required to list?

Regardless of exactly what it is IN a “cola” that causes the “internal medical alert button” in health advocates to go off, three facts are clear:

obesity1-225x3001. Between the years of 1977 to 2002, Americans doubled their consumption of soda, while the obesity rate during that same time doubled too.  Those who “just have to have their Coke” most always have their BMI fall in the overweight range (25-29.9) and in the obese range (over 30 with morbidly obese over 40). 

2. Those people who are healthiest (BMI, cholesterol, fitness levels, stress tests, etc.)  DO NOT drink soda on a regular basis.  It may be that people who have unhealthy lifestyles also tend to drink soda, but regardless if “unhealth” or soda came first doesn’t matter here – drinking soda regularly is not a habit of the healthy.

3.  Those who drink soda daily, drink less water daily.  Drinking adequate water and staying hydrated is one of the top habits of those who have the physical and mental stamina to resist illness, infection, disease, fatigue and stress.  

Family-Fun-on-BeachLife can be tough, but those who maintain their stamina can endure and still live healthy, happy and active for as long as they can.  

Remember, When Your Body Works, Your Life Works!

Alternatives to soda: Bionade, Oogave, Kombucha, Water with lemon/lime/orange, ice herb tea


1.  The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has recently put out guidelines limiting the sale of sugary snacks and drinks in school, so it’s up to parents to monitor their children’s sugar consumption at home.


3. Read more:

Surrounded by water and dying of dehyration?


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water_dehydration300What is surrounded by water but is dying of dehydration? Is it someone stuck on an ocean raft or… is it most of us with headaches, fatigue and mental fog? DEHYDRATION is the most often missed diagnosis and relates to almost every symptom human’s suffer with.

With only a drop of 2% in total body water volume, you could experience any of the following symptoms: thirst, dry skin, constipation, muscle weakness, high or low blood pressure, hot flashes, extreme fatigue, headaches, dizziness, mental fogginess, swelling, dry mouth, impaired vision, decreased sweating, insomnia and depression.

In fact, dehydration can often cause symptoms that are mistaken for allergies, asthma, acid reflux, colitis, arthritis and constipation because histamine is released in overabundance when your cells are thirsty.

Sound like the symptoms from your life story?  Rather than re-hydrate you first, then observe headache pic(1) (1)what symptoms self-correct, many are given life sentences of hypothyroidism, heart problems, hormone imbalance, menopause and more. HYDRATION should always be the initial solution regardless of the name given a bunch of symptoms and here’s why: 

Dehydration affects the brain, heart, nerves, reproduction, muscles and emotions! The medical definition of dehydration is “loss of blood volume and loss of tissue water resulting in loss of total body water.”   This means that simply drinking more water can never be enough. 


Four things are needed for hydration of the human body to occur.  If even one is missing -you’ll suffer. Additionally, an overworked and under-functioning digestive system has difficulty keeping your body hydrated.  Correcting your digestive system must be addressed soon after re-hydration occurs.  (look to future blog articles for how to do this)

880453_xl-1Step one: Track the water you drink for one week to make sure you’re getting the daily MINIMUM, which is equal to half your body weight in ounces.  More water must be added during hot summer months, when you exercise and when you’re under high levels of stress.  Less water is needed if one is confined to bed, a wheelchair or during winter months.

Eating food with high water content, like watermelon, cucumbers, celery and good quality milk, can aid in keeping hydrated.   You can’t count drinking coffee, black or green tea, soft drinks, juice or beer as your water content and in fact, these dehydrate you.

Step two: Eat rocks.  Minerals are simply rocks in a smaller form and are also called electrolytes.  Your cells have pumps that regulate what comes in or goes out and these are run by minerals.  Consuming minerals is faster than drinking plain water at re-hydrating you because they control where water will go.  If you have super tight, sore muscles, chances are great that you need more minerals every day.

Although not very common, drinking too much water will create a low relative amount of minerals and bad things happen when this occurs.

electrolytesJennifer Strange died in January 2007 by drinking 2 gallons of water in a day for a radio contest in California while trying to win a Wii for her children.  She reported having a real bad headache then died within a short time.  The coroner said her death was from water intoxication.  The electrolyte balance was so low in comparison to the water she drank, that she drown her inner body.  Her cells were flooded and most likely collapsed resulting in her death.

To make sure you have enough electrolytes, I recommend you put a cucumber, grape, lemon, lime or mint leaves in your water to boost the electrolyte content.  It perks the taste too!  (Gatorade is NOT a good source of electrolytes)  A mineral supplement could also be taken, or some sea salt added occasionally to the water you drink.

Also, many people drink reverse osmosis water or purified water which is clean, but devoid of electrolytes.  Spring water is a good water choice for good electrolyte content usually or you need to just get in the habit of adding minerals to your diet.

coconut-oilStep Three: Eat enough good fat daily. Your cell walls are made of lipids or fat molecules and need to be kept strong and secure to protect the inner parts- just like a balloon skin keeps its inner air from escaping. Let’s say you do get enough daily water and minerals, if your cell walls are weak and leak— you will get dehydrated.

Good fat sources are avocado’s, coconut oil, cod oil, eggs and cheese.  Eating several types a day is best.  I recommend 30% of your daily diet be good fat sources.

Step Four: Motion of the body is needed for hydration to occur.  Motion contributes to all chemical reactions within the human body and you can’t function normally without motion. Internal motion is called metabolism and is also a key factor in staying hydrated.  In addition to getting daily exercise, try increasing the number of steps you take a day to 12,000 to boost your activity level.  

Because your body is made up of  close to 80% water, hydration is required for all essential functions including absorbing nutrients, creating hormones, producing hydroelectric energy in the brain, blood composition, and aids in proteins and enzymes working right. 

Drinking enough daily water, eating rocks or minerals, eating enough good fats and moving each day will re-hydrate you and lessen many of your health symptoms.

When Your Body Works, Your Life Works!


1. Mange K, Matsuura D, Cizman B, et al. (November 1997). “Language guiding therapy: the case of dehydration versus volume depletion”Ann. Intern. Med. 127 (9): 848–53. PMID 9382413.

2.  “Dehydration Affects Mood, Not Just Motor Skills / November 23, 2009 / News from the USDA Agricultural Research Service”. Retrieved 2012-11-09.

Savoring Life is your Best disease prevention


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Medicine causes health problems, even when it’s taken for potentially life threatening conditions like high blood pressure, according to JAMA Internal Medicine August 5, 2013 article.  Channel blockers, give to lower blood pressure, increase the risk of breast cancer!


I talk to so many people who don’t want to take medications, but “don’t know what else to do.” This article is devoted to that very dilemma.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised that the solutions are also fun, life expanding and good for your soul!

The first solution is that you MUST be convinced a little pill ISN’T the solution. This article will start you off on the right path.  Realize that your body’s natural response to stress is to raise blood pressure.  The ONLY solution is to lower stressful situations in your life or my famous words- “Choose your stress.”

My second solution is to INCREASE your BODY’S ABILITY to handle stress.  We do this by increasing our self-care of the body– sleep those 8 hours, take daily walks, smile, eat whole foods, breath deeply and often then do muscle moving things like push ups, sit ups or lifting weights.  A conditioned body handles stress better.

Relaxing in jacuzziThe third solution is to SAVOR LIFE.  Read that fiction book you’ve wanted to, look at inspiring pictures, watch movies that bring a tear to your eye, create that wreath or quilt or dish you’ve wanted to do, be in your garden, soak in the tub, paint a picture, watch old movies, get adjusted & aligned, get a massage, listen to wonderful music or go out to dinner with friends are just a few things for you to consider doing to savor life.

These things help you love your life and give you confidence that you do have a good life. They also fill us with hope and joy and love and give us the reserve needed to handle some of the unpleasant but necessary “stressors” of life.

woman_poolThe fourth solution is to go out in nature.  We are inside too much.  The air is better outside, the energy encompassed in living trees and leaves and grass give us energy and we tend to move our bodies more outside.  Its hard to sit outside in one place as long as we do inside while in front of computer, TV, phone, etc.

Nature is healing and beautiful.  Nature and man need each other.  A simple walk in the rain, sun or snow fills the body and soul with so much more “high blood pressure prevention” than any pill possible could.

1828598-a-young-female-face-under-the-sun-with-eyes-closedThe fifth solution is to pay attention to your soul.  The soul has many different names and cannot be seen so it is often overlooked in traditional “healthcare.” If it’s true that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, mind controls matter and that stress is not outward but is our interpretation of experiences then we CANNOT IGNORE this.

Loving others, serving others, reading inspiring books including the bible or other spiritual books, praying, meditating, deep reflective thinking, laughing, holding hands and hugging are a few of my favorites that improve the health of the soul.

These can expand your vision, deep your understanding and grow your joy.  These are good medicine.

Remember my friends, When Your Body Works, Your Life Works!



Is nature robbing you of energy?


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While speaking to a group of elementary school teachers, I asked them, “Is it true what I read about children acting less disciplined during a full moon?” They answered together with a resounding “YES!  You bet they do!”

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That began my search on the relationship between nature influencing man in our society. The teachers bore witness to the lunar effect on children’s behavior, as do emergency staff and police department personnel and evidenced by increased hospital admission and higher suicides and homicides during a full moon.  Are we being robbed of health by nature or is knowing it impacts our health a key to getting more energy and vitality?

Aristotle, Pliny the Elder and contemporary authors like Dr Arnold Lieber conjecture that the full moon’s effect on behavior come in part from its influence on water (ie: ocean tides), and as the human body is 80% water, well, then of course we’re affected.  One survey in the USA found that about 40 per cent of the general population, and 80 per cent of mental health professionals, believe that the phase of the Moon affects human behavior.

Another example of natures influence on our health is the seasonal slump we often call the winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD),  where a person feels more depressed, sleeps more, is more cranky and irritable and has less desire to engage in fun things.   Animals and humans respond to the changing seasons, sunrise and sunset and light as well!


Stress affects your health

Stress affects your health

Sunflower close-upThe Mayo Clinic defines SAD as a depressive state occurring in times of less light where you feel moody and your energy is sapped.  Their recommended treatment of choice is light therapy or photo therapy.

It’s further been shown that a natural environment improves cognitive function, healing, physical fitness, social connections and more.  Nineteen parks exist in New York, including Central Park, and people flock to them to de-stress, socialize, run and walk and interact with trees, grass and nature.

  • Natural landscapes have been shown to stimulate the parasympathetic system (promotes calmness and homeostasis) and reduce blood pressure according to a study by Roger Ulrich in The Biophilia Hypothesis.  They also find it improves your mood and sense of well-being.

  • The Healthy People 2020 Environmental Health group highlight outdoor air quality, ground water quality and hazardous wastes as having a profound influence on human health and our very existence.
  • Oriental Medicine has been around for thousands of years in several nations including China, Japan, Korean, Tibet and Hong Kong.  The foundational premise of this healthcare system is that that nature and humans are highly interconnected.
  • 5ECircleSmallwebThe five elements of nature that contribute to oriental diagnosis and healing include Fire, Water, Earth, Metal and Wood.  
  • Oriental Medicine goes beyond acupuncture, chakra’s, meridians and herbs.
  • It also implies that because nature influences our health, it is crucial that you get out in nature as much as you can.  
  • We are healthiest when we are in balance with our environment and don’t hide from it. 

What can you do to allow nature’s positive influence into your body function? Take more walks outdoors, spend more weekend time outside, swim, hike, fish, run, bike outdoors, eat food directly from nature with the least amount of tampering and breath a lot of outside air to allow more natural health into your life.

Remember, When Your Body Works, Your Life Works!








It’s WHEN not just WHAT

There is a ton of information on WHAT to eat and still, people are  confused more than ever before and constantly ask me, “So exactly what should I eat?”   I start out saying to everyone, no matter what they eat…. “Start by paying attention to the WHEN & HOW you eat first!”

slow down while you eat

Here’s why– most of us know that potato chips are bad and an apple is good for us, so we at least an idea about what to eat.  (that doesn’t mean we choose the apple though) We have virtually no information that the WHEN & the HOW we eat determines if we get nutrients from our food.

Here are 3 simple things to remember about WHEN you eat:

1- If you eat when you are not hungry, it’s bad. This is because food from your last meal is still digesting, so eating more is just clogging the digestive tube.  Many Americans eat a big dinner, T.V. snacks, sleep then get up and eat a big breakfast.  Unless you did a midnight run or something like that- you didn’t do anything during the night to earn a hunger.  Eat later in the morning, eat a small snack, just drink warm lemon water or herb tea, or don’t eat until lunch to make sure you’re hungry when you eat.

2- If you eat without getting enough water, its bad.  Most of us wouldn’t miss a meal for anything or anyone, but we miss drinking the needed water we need all the time. Get your water in at four main times: drink 16 ounces first thing after arising, between 9am- 12 noon, between 3pm-6pm, and about 8 ounces before going to bed.  Drink between 60 ounces- 80 ounces- more if you exercise and its hot outside.

3- Don’t drink with your meals. I’ve heard all the reasons why people have something to drink with a meal- I’m thirsty, to help the food go down, to fill my stomach faster so I won’t eat as much…. and many more.  Here’s the science to show you that you need to modify something so you don’t drink with your meals: it waters down your digestive juices. Period.  Ideally, don’t drink 30 minutes before a meal and wait to drink 30 minutes after a meal.  If you eat a big protein meal, wait longer.

And now, “HOW should I eat?” Most of you know this already, but still don’t do it.  I teach it and want to “walk my talk” so am very aware of it, but still I am not 100% yet.  It’s simple but hard to do… here it is… CHEW YOUR FOOD UNTIL ITS LIQUID.

We get talking while we eat, or are famished when we do eat or eat on the run so we aren’t fully conscious of the process of digestion going on when we put something into our mouths.  Mindfully eating leads to you CHEWING YOUR FOOD UNTIL ITS LIQUID, but you can mindfully enjoy food and still chew it inadequately …. so I feel the need to get specific on this.

Until your food is LIQUID, it is not an “identifiable nutrient form” for your body to breakdown and create YOU from it. Big food particles from NOT CHEWING YOUR FOOD UNTIL ITS LIQUID is the basis for allergies, fatigue, thyroid problems and auto-immune issues.  You owe it to your body to do this one!

WHEN you eat and HOW you eat are very important to getting needed nutrients!  They are the basis for your good health!

Remember, When Your Body Works, Your Life Works!


Are you a mosquito magnet


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Everyone around you at the outdoor music concert did NOT get mosquito bites, but you sure did! Why you? Do vampire mosquito’s really do exist or is something making you a “mosquito magnet?”

Maybe mosquito larvae were hatched near a nuclear reactor which bred vampire mosquito – but probably not. It’s most logical that something within you is drawing those pesky bugs to your blood.

The sum total of your body chemistry is attracting them or put simply, you have “yummy blood!” Sugar in your blood makes it desirable to mosquito’s and is a sign you DON’T want to ignore.

Over consuming sugar puts a stress on your insulin production – because insulin deals with sugar in blood and takes it to different places to be used as energy. Low energy, fatigue and craving coffee often accompany being a mosquito magnet.

Remember also that there are only 3 food groups- fat, protein and carbs. Consuming too many is as bad ad having a sweet tooth because your body breaks them down the same and insulting is required.  Remember too, that alcohol is a carb too!

You may not show positive on a blood test for diabetes, but being a mosquito magnet is an even more sensitive sign you may need to reduce your carbs/sugar consumption.

Here are 3 main ways to become LESS of a magnet to mosquito’s:

Sweat! The more you sweat, your body’s metabolism can rid itself of excess sugar and other toxins and utilize nutrients for faster healing. Be sure to wash it off your skin as soon as possible- sweat is full of internal toxins and could promote acne or a rash.

Move more. Have you heard that sitting is the “new smoking?” People who sit 8 hours a day or more are more likely to be overweight, have diabetes or pre-diabetes, be constipated, have sciatica and back pain and have a heart attack.

Keep hydrated. This keeps you more physically active, dilutes your blood sugar concentration, helps you stay alkaline and revs up your metabolism.

When you do these three things, even if there were vampire mosquito’s, you would be less attractive to them.

Remember, when your body works right, you life works!brucecb

The Holistic “Acid Trip”


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If you think acid tripping only happens by drug overdose then get ready to take an enlightened health trip right now!

The journey begins by asking yourself this question: What has more intelligence – what’s out there or what’s in here, the body? Your answer will provide the fuel for what you do after reading this.

During my year of gross anatomy, we gratefully learned from the donated bodies of many homeless people. I recalled wondering if when these people had realized how truely amazing, perfectly designed and intricately synced their bodies were, could they have produced a different life?

Because everyone- you, your worst nemisis, the neighbor who kicks the dog, the person who lied to you- all contain immense applied wisdom within. Our living healthy depends on if we KNOW and apply this.

The body is an application of all the knowledge there is. Chemistry, geology, botany, sociology, spirituality, physics, econimics and engineering are all be evidenced in the human body.

Nothing comes close to the amazing body- not raw food, scientifically formulated pharmaceuticals, supplements (even the magic berry from ancient lands), healing cold laser, an amazing soft touch chiropractic adjustment, the ancient wisdom of acupuncture or a life saving surgery.

I’ve used them all and help people with most of these, but remind people as well, to access their inner wisdom for long lasting health and well being.

We search high and low for “it” and will pay any price for THE ONE THING that will put an end to our suffering. We jump from solution to possible solution, listening to one guru and then the next, to find that magic cure for our pains.

When the absolute worst thing, most acid producing, health robbing thing we can do can’t be fixed by anyone but us.

When we do ANYTHING in OVERDOSE we cause acidity in our body. This includes over eating, over exercising, over sleeping, over living (lack of sleep), over drinking, over worrying and anything else done in over abundance or in excess.

So, stop. Breath in and out. You are already enough. Unwanted symtoms are your amazing body’s way of telling you to stop.

Be who you were designed to be. Human.


The Barbie-thin Bodacious Bod


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You can buy the Barbie- luscious bodacious bod at Walmart for about $10. But the cost of getting, keeping and creating a similar one in human form may be the most expensive thing you buy.

The cost of being thin and beautiful includes many things- healthy food, exercise, living an active lifestyle, flattering clothes, make-up, hair care, holistic healthcare when needed, etc.

Are you observing, like I am, that being thin is costing more these days? For example, walking outdoors is no longer enough- we need gym memberships and the latest workout DVD or website membership.

And there is more too- hair extensions, multiple toned hair, ear jewelry, nose & navel jewelry, botox, tummy tucks, face-lifts, cheek implants, boob jobs, spanx, shoes to go with every outfit, mineral make-up and the list drones on.

My concern is that the “beautiful and thin at any cost” attitude is costing us money and time that could and possibily should be, invested elsewhere. I believe the greatest cost of beauty is the opportunity cost of peace of mind.

For peace of mind eludes a life filled with a packed schedule, unending “wants” to fill available finances, never good enough thinking and an endless to do list. I know because that’s been my life.

The cost of getting more beautiful or covering up what I think isn’t beautiul is more than I’m NOW willing to pay. I’m still pursuing a healthy lifestyle and the natural beauty that accompanies it, but I’m stopping the pursuit of beauty.

And I’ve never felt more beautiful.


The Quick, Sick route to Health


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I just read that 60% of pain prescription users say they got these drugs from friends or relatives.  

Here’s what this means: They are not under a doctor’s care, they may not take it correctly for their issue, and they are self-prescribing.  AND, here’s what this REALLY means: they have no idea about how to be healthy. 

Most drugs- over the counter or prescriptions, are self-prescribed.  If we all knew how the body worked and had daily doses of continual learning about how it works- this might be okay once in a while.  The biggest problem is that people don’t know how to get healthy and they want pain-relief or solutions to their problems QUICK!

They really think a pill is the solution.  I’ve always said that the worst thing about medicine is that is works.  No wonder some doctors and people laugh when you tell them you’re going the holistic route!  Drugs work better on pain.  Drugs work faster to normalize blood.  Drugs are quick.  

Health takes a lifetime, so quick is non-healthy.  This is worth repeating and has long lasting effects and affects your next hour’s actions probably so I’m saying it again.  QUICK fixes are UNHEALTHY.  Period.

Health is more than a blood value, a thyroid level, eating broccoli or running a marathon.  Health may include all those things but it can’t be defined by them alone.  

The worst health problem we have is how we define health. For until we really look at it, understand it, talk about it on all the radio & T.V. shows and in schools and in doctor’s offices and churches and places people gather, well, we’ll still take the quick, sick route to health.  Image